Dance Class Descriptions



A classical form of dance that combines grace and precision.  Ballet is the foundation of dance.  Barre exercises, floorwork and more will help strengthen and develop your feet and turnout.

Creative Ballet is Pre-Ballet technique combined with activities to develop gross motor skills.  Imagination and music is a big part of this class.



A form of dance where your feet become the music.  In this class, you will work on musicality as you combine steps together both in the center and across the floor. 


Jazz and Lyrical

Jazz has a broad range of dance styles.  Jazz is usually done to upbeat music.  You will work on technique, positions, lines, and combinations.

Lyrical is a form of jazz that has an emotional feel to it.  It has a meaning behind the movements and is often performed to softer, slower music. Lyrical is a combination of ballet and jazz technique.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is fun and often done to age-appropriate hip hop music.  The movements are constantly changing and often involves stronger, harder hitting accents.



It is a combination of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop.  Contemporary should stand out as being different from the rest.



Learn floor tumbling passes to help with dance and cheer.